my name is eden! i'm seventeen, a scorpio, a type six, and a gay transmasc (tme). i am mentally ill and neurodivergent, and i will not disclose what in particular for my own health.

i don't talk a lot about kin, but if it's important to you, i'm princess zelda and solid snake, among others. i don't care about doubles and usually won't interact with any. i like the metal gear solid series, the legend of zelda, friday night funkin', and miraculous ladybug a lot right now.

please don't follow me if you fit regular dni criteria, if you are under 15 or over 21, or if your name is greg or mason. i need pictures of snakes tagged. thank you :-)

i'm not super active but you can find me on vent @ dna, instagram @ silembrim, or discord @ eden#1972.