abt dni kins tags ints

felix 18 he/him

white disabled mentally ill + nd

genderfluid gay something or other

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some text has hover info too ...

tumblr: havendish, vent: mystery

The current mood of havendish at www.imood.com ...

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dont interact if you're gross

(self explanatory), or if you

post a lot about minecraft yt,

homestuck, or anime. yr annoying

don't int if you need food or parents tagged

i'm kris first and foremost.

my other identities are link,

solid snake, and yuri.

find more here, i don't do doubles.

i need pictures of snakes, hamilton

the musical, vld, and hazbin hotel

or any vivziepop media tagged. for

other tagging info, click here.

please don't use tone tags for me.

this is non-negotiable. thank you

undertale / deltarune is

my special interest; hyperfixes

change now and then but normally

include LOZ, MGS, and earthbound

source code